Submission Guide

All paper submissions must follow the specified guide below:

Length – Manuscripts can be any length. There are no restrictions on word count, number of figures, or amount of supporting information. However, we recommend that papers should be succinct and concisely.

Font – We recommend Times New Roman font and font size 10 for main text.

Headings – Manuscript sections and sub-sections should be limited to 3 heading levels. Heading levels should be clearly indicated in the text.

Layout – Texts should be double-spaced and format text in single columns.

Page numbers and footnotes – Page numbers and footnotes should be left out in the manuscript file. If your manuscript contains footnotes, move the information into the main text.

Language – Manuscripts must be submitted in English language.

Abbreviations – Abbreviations should be defined on first appearance within the text and should be kept to a minimum.

Reference style – All paper submissions must use the APA referencing style.