Ethics & Guidelines

Matters of Behaviour is committed to ethical practices in research. In pursuance of this, all submissions must adhere to relevant ethical guidelines and practices.

Authors’ Responsibilities

Authors will:-

  • Ensure that all researched work submitted is original, prepared to a high scholarly standard and fully referenced using the prescribed referencing system.
  • All authors are represented accurately and other appropriate acknowledgements are clearly stated including sources of funding if any.
  • Openly and fully disclose the source of all data and how it was acquired.
  • Certify that all the data has been acquired in accordance with recognised ethical research practices.

Reviewers’ Responsibilities

Reviewers will:-

  • Review papers tin their area of expertise.
  • Examine papers constructively and provide feedback in a timely manner.
  • Examine all work in a confidential manner.
  • Report any suspected ethical misconduct within submitted manuscript.
  • Treat all papers fairly without bias.

Editors’ Responsibilities

Editors will:-

  • Only authorize high quality content.
  • Provide advice to authors when necessary.
  • Treat all submissions fairly without bias.